What is the status of Nitish’s seven determination in Chirag Paswan’s area, know from ground zero


  • Chirag Paswan has accused corruption in Nitish’s seven convictions
  • Ground Report on Nal-Jal Yojana from Khudia village of Munger
  • Khudiya village Chirag comes under the Lok Sabha constituency of Paswan
  • The villagers told how Chirag is doing work

Ljp supremo Chirag Paswan This time, he is contesting elections after separating from NDA. Chirag’s displeasure is CM of Bihar Nitish Kumar Is from He is a constant attacker on CM Nitish Kumar. He is also questioning Nitish Kumar’s dream project Seven Determinants. Chirag Paswan says that there has been a lot of corruption in seven convictions. Navbharat Times.com team reached Khudiya village in Munger district to investigate Chirag’s allegations.

Khudia village falls in the Jamui Lok Sabha constituency. Chirag Paswan is the only MP from here. After reaching Khudiya village, our team reached near a temple. A tower was built near Nitish Kumar’s tap-water scheme near the temple. A water tank was placed atop the tower. The people of the village said that it has been built under the Nal-Jal scheme. The people of Khudiya village have reached the government’s plans here, but the gift of corruption has gone up.

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Water does not reach every house
People in the village said that water is reaching some houses under the tap-water scheme. But due to the negligence of the contractor, many houses have not been taped till date. Along with this, water leakage is also in many places. But there is no one to see it. The villagers allege that there is a complete game of commission in this. But who did we reach with a complaint?

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Corruption is the biggest issue
Electricity has also reached Khudiya village but people of this village are upset with the bill. Due to the negligence of the officials, 500-600 bills come to the villagers. There is a lot of resentment about this. With this, electricity has not yet reached some homes. Roads have been built in the village but have been uprooted due to poor work.

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Government workers take money
Villagers say that no work is done without giving money. Taking advantage of the government schemes that the babus have to offer. At the same time, the local public representatives shoo the common people. In such a situation, people of Khudiya village should take their complaint, then whom should they go to.

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Villagers also gave opinion on Chirag
Khudia village falls in Jamui, the Lok Sabha constituency of Chirag Paswan. The people of the village said that many works of development have been done in the area with MP fund. Along with this, the support of MP is always available in this area. Khudia village comes under Tarapur assembly constituency. LJP is also in the fray from here. At the same time, when we talked to the villagers for votes, they said that we will vote for RJD in the assembly.

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How to study without phone
Children’s education is also a big problem in this area. Villagers say schools are closed due to the lockdown. In such a situation, where should our children go to study? Some teachers are conducting children’s education online. But the problem facing children coming from poor families is where to get mobile and internet. There is also anger among the villagers about this.

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Significantly, Tarapur assembly constituency falls in Munger district. This time there is a triangular contest. RJD has nominated Divya Prakash, daughter of former Union Minister Jai Prakash Yadav, from here. While JDU has given ticket to its sitting MLA Mewa Lal Chaudhary. In such a situation, the competition here is quite interesting. After the results on November 10, you will know who will win the game from here.


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