When Nitish Kumar, Arun Jaitely & Sanjay Jha failed to defect Ram Vilas Paswan and Lalu Yadav imposed President Rule

Bihar Election: Nitish Kumar became the Railway Minister in Delhi, vowing not to oust Rabri means Lalu Yadav from power in Bihar even in the 2000 election. Actually, Nitish had been beaten three times in five years. In the 1995 election results, the Samata Party’s tally was reduced to seven seats. This was the first shock. Encouraged by the landslide victory in the 1998 Lok Sabha elections, Nitish and George Fernandes pressured the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government to impose President’s rule in Bihar. President’s rule was imposed after the killing of Dalits in Jehanabad in February 1999, but Rabri became CM again within a month due to lack of majority in the Rajya Sabha.

Gujarat riots meant nothing to Nitish

The defeat in the 2000 assembly elections was the third setback for Nitish. Once again, he was eyeing Bihar from Delhi. Meanwhile, after the Godhra carnage in 2002, Gujarat witnessed communal riots. Atal Bihari Vajpayee taught Rajdharma to Narendra Modi but Nitish was flirting. Ram Vilas Paswan withdrew support to the government citing secularism. Nitish had to decide. Nitish’s eyes were only on the CM’s chair after the constant defeat of Lalu. After losing the assembly elections, Nitish studied the Mahabharata. Not only this, I also read Manu Sharma’s autobiography of Krishna. After this, like Arjun, he clearly saw his goal. Gandhi, Godhra and Gujarat were in the background.

Sip of blood

Lalu made the issue of partition of Bihar

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Janata Dal United (JDU) made tremendous preparations for the 2005 election. After the separation of Jharkhand, there were 243 seats in the Bihar Assembly. The credit of creating a separate state was taken by the Atal government and here Lalu tried to capitalize on it in Bihar. Lalu ever said – Vananchal will be built on my corpse. He said that 70 percent revenue has gone, did BJP-Nitish leave now? The public should account for this. Apart from this, the Rabri government had nothing to count. Teachers and state government employees were not getting salary. The treasury was completely empty. The flame of the fodder scam was picking up. Nitish gave it air. The result was in front.

‘Kahan Gaya Oo Challenger Lalu Ka’, on the other side, Nitish closed the room and muttered .. he went to form the government, what did the public make

Divided mandate and strong hold of Lalu in center

In February 2005, Bihar finally came out of Lalu’s hands. But nobody won. Lalu won 75 out of 243 assembly seats. The BJP and JDU won 92 seats but were 30 steps away from a clear majority. Then there was also no pro-government in New Delhi, which would have given them power by manipulating, somehow. In the summer of 2004, Vajpayee’s government could not ride the wave of Shining India. The UPA was defeated and Lalu Yadav became the Railway Minister in the Manmohan Singh government. Now he started walking in the center. He was an important part of the alliance led by the Congress.

Arun Jaitley’s eye on power key

Despite trying to get support from the criminals, Nitish was the last to play a new bet. Meanwhile, Ram Vilas Paswan of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), with 29 seats in the new house, declared – the key to this government is in my hand. It has been mentioned in the book The Brothers Bihari, written on the politics of Bihar .. Paswan had announced that he is in the market and ready to sell for a price. Nevertheless, Nitish was skeptical. The memories of the disappointment he received in 2000 were not leaving him. The verdict, once again, went against Lalu and Rabri, but not completely. Meanwhile, Arun Jaitley, acting as a bridge between Nitish and BJP, had a strong desire that the alliance should try to get a majority. Despite Nitish’s hesitation, he insisted that there should be another attempt, what is the harm in that. Another round of snatching took place. No one was in favor of another election.

LJP MLAs Purchase-Sale Round

There were at least 16 MLAs in Paswan’s flock who were ready to separate from the flock at a cost rather than dissolve the assembly. Arun Jaitley took over the responsibility of raising a majority for Nitish. He entrusted this task to two warlords Saryu Rai and his young Bihari Lieutenant Sanjay Jha. Both LJP and Independents ran for 31 MLAs. These MLAs were taken to Jharkhand in separate factions. On the other hand, Jaitley and Nitish were preparing to stake claim to form the government. Saryu Rai took a group of about a dozen MLAs of LJP with him to Patna from Ranchi and lodged them in a hotel named ‘Holiday-Home’ on Kanke Road. Sanjay Jha rested in two guest houses — 10th Mile-Stone and Hill View Resort, in a forested area on the road leading to another group Jamshedpur. But the media got a quick glimpse of this. As the whole game was over, Rai and Jha took all the MLAs to a farm house built deep inside the Ghatshila forest.

Delhi plan of two women legislators

Here two LJP women MLAs Sunita Chauhan and Poonam Yadav felt that they would be under pressure to change their positions. Paswan exerted some force and Bihar Governor Buta Singh approved to take the two women to Delhi by a special aircraft. Chauhan and Yadav were lodged in two pre-booked rooms at the Janpath Hotel in Delhi. Paswan’s men were present there. Here, two JDU leaders Nagmani and Ranveer Yadav were immediately sent behind them by an Indian Airlines flight to bring back the two MLAs. Arun Jaitley had tasked his secretary, Om Prakash, to ensure that the two women do not leave the Janpath Hotel until the people sent from Patna to bring them back reach there.

Lalu turned water on Nitish-BJP’s expectations

All the characters of this theater were waiting for the right time to look forward. Lalu, who called himself the lion of Bihar, was not easy to beat in his den. He had earlier left Nitish in a panic attack. Lalu Yadav, a minister in the Manmohan government, persuaded Buta Singh of a flexible nature to dissolve the assembly and declare President’s rule. The NDA approached the Supreme Court against this decision and Nitish went to Rashtrapati Bhavan to parade before President APJ Abdul Kalam with 126 MLAs to prove support in his favor. But privately, he had told both Jaitley and George Fernandes that even if the Supreme Court verdict goes against the imposition of President’s rule, he still would not stake claim to form the government and Nitish did the same in the end.

This decision proved to be correct. Meanwhile, BJP declared him as the CM candidate before the election for the first time and in October this year, Nitish held power in Bihar. After Lalu’s fort was demolished, he was asked by a journalist – how will you work .. His reply was, “We will act like dictator”. His intention was right, the words were wrong. Today, when Nitish jumped into the 2020 General Assembly, Jaitley is not in this world. Saryu Rai is an independent member of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, rebelling from the BJP. Sanjay Jha is a cabinet minister in the Nitish government and has also played a key role in the post-2005 transition of 2017. Not only this, he is one of the main strategists of this assembly election.


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