Why BJP does not lose to Champaran, understand the full story

East Champaran
Mahatma Gandhi launched Satyagraha against the British Champaran Earth Had done The land of Champaran was once the stronghold of Congressmen. But in Champaran, the BJP is gradually growing. Champaran has 3 Lok Sabha seats and 21 Assembly seats. There are 12 assembly seats in East Champaran and 9 in West Champaran. In the 2015 assembly elections, 12 out of 55 seats came to BJP from Champaran soil alone. In such a situation, there is a question in the minds of the people, why the BJP does not lose on the land of Champaran.

BJP is also expected to have a miracle from Champaran in the Bihar Assembly elections 2020. Because at the organizational level BJP has become very strong in this area. The entire area of ​​Champaran is contested in two phases. In the second phase also, some seats have been voted. The remaining seats are voting on November 7. The BJP is excited about the second phase of voting. BJP hopes that we will be able to do better in this election from 2015.

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Assembly seats in East Champaran
Raxaul, Sugauli, Narkatiya, Harsiddhi, Gobindganj, Kesariya, Kalyanpur, Pipra, Motihari, Madhuban, Chiraiya and Dhaka. Sugauli, Raxaul, Govindganj LJP, Pipra, Motihari, Chiraiya and Madhuban are controlled by BJP.

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Assembly seats in West Champaran
Valmikinagar, Bettiah, Lauria, Ramnagar, Narkatiaganj, Bagaha, Navtan, Chanpatia and Sikta. At the same time, BJP is in possession of Ramnagar, Bagaha, Lauria, Nautan and Chanpatia.

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Congress dominated till 1990
Actually, Champaran has been dominated by the Congress till 1990. After joining hands with Lalu Prasad Yadav, Congress land began to wither in this area. Its core upper caste voters started to drift towards BJP. It is for this reason that the NDA performed dhansu in East Champaran in the 2005 assembly elections. Since then this trend has been going on. In 2020, the BJP is set to repeat the same performance again. But this time the party is also struggling with infighting. In such a situation, it will be clear only after the result that BJP can succeed or not. The situation here is also in West Champaran.

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A lot of work has been done at the organization level
There have also been 2 BJP state presidents from Champaran area. Radha Mohan Singh, MP from Motihari Lok Sabha seat, has also been BJP’s state president. Along with this, there have also been ministers at the center. BJP’s current state president Sanjay Jaiswal also comes from Champaran. He is an MP from Bettiah. Local journalists say that in the last few years, BJP has done a lot of work to strengthen the organization in this area. BJP workers and leaders are strong at the booth level.

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People say that Radha Mohan Singh has played an important role in strengthening the organization in East Champaran. BJP has appointed Panna in-charge to prepare workers at booth level. Also, Radhamohan Singh has a good hold in the Savarna society. While Agriculture Minister, he has established a mother dairy plant in this area and has also opened a Horticulture University. Also, he is always seen standing with his people. He is also a troubleshooter for the party in this area.

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Sanjay Jaiswal’s role in West Champaran

Sanjay Jaisawal has been elected for the third time from the Betiya Lok Sabha constituency. Sanjay Jaiswal, 55, is a doctor by profession. Also, they are running the organization in an efficient manner. His father Madan Jaiswal has also been an MP from Bettiah. It was only after his death that Sanjay Jaiswal got the ticket. People say that LY Yadav’s MY equation in West Champaran has also been very strong. But Sanjay Jaiswal’s father has prepared the ground for the BJP by distinguishing him. Sanjay Jaiswal has also been the district president of West Champaran.

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People state that Jaiswal specializes in every art. Bettiah district has a good Muslim population. Despite that Sanjay Jaiswal West BJP in Champaran The flag is elevated. People say that Sanjay Jaiswal of sociable nature was easily available to the people of his area. However, after becoming the state president, his busyness has increased. But they have established the party in this area.


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