Will Nitishe Kumar be in Bihar again? Or will you come stunning

The electoral ground in Bihar has been decorated. After the ticket distribution, the leaders have started taking the field. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has addressed the virtual rally. Right there, from tuesday Tejashwi Yadav Landing in the field. The combat Nitish vs Stunning. Meanwhile our affiliate channels Times Now and Sea Voter Opinion Poll (times now opinion poll) has come. In which it is speculated whose government is coming again in Bihar.

Actually, the sea voters have done this survey from 1 to 10 October. A total of 12,843 people have been consulted in this. The survey was done by talking on the phone. C voters have known the opinion of people in all 243 seats of Bihar for this. After all, whose government does he want in Bihar. Also what are the issues before them. The people of Bihar have responded with impunity to all the questions. According to estimates, the trend is towards the NDA alliance.

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These were the questions
1. People were asked in this survey, which is the most important issue in front of you today? In response, the biggest issue was cited by 49 per cent of people. At the same time, electricity, water and road is the issue for 12.9 percent people. Whereas corruption was the issue for only 8.7 percent people. 7.1 per cent of the people have women safety and 6.7 per cent have education issues.

2. How do you rate the performance of the current JDU and BJP government? In response, 43.6 percent said bad, while 29 percent said good and 27.5 percent said average.

3. Similarly, people have been asked how Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s performance is measured. In response, 50.5 percent people said that it is good. 28.6 percent people said bad and 20.9 percent people said average.

4. How does CM rate Nitish Kumar’s performance? 28.7 percent people have called it good. 42 per cent said poor and 29.2 per cent said average.

5. Who is the choice as CM. 32 per cent people chose Nitish Kumar, second place was 17.6 per cent chose Tejashwi and 12.5 per cent people chose Sushil Modi.

6. Angry with Nitish Kumar’s government? On this 54.5 percent people said that yes, they are angry and want to change it. 29.5 per cent said that they are angry, but do not want to change. At the same time, 15.9 percent people said that they are neither angry nor want to change.

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Who is getting so many seats
According to a survey estimate by Times Now and Sea Voters, NDA is getting 160 seats in Bihar. The Grand Alliance is getting 102 seats and the LJP 7 seats. Although this is just a guess. The results can be anything. But it is clear from this survey that Nitish Kumar is coming back to Bihar.


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