World Food Day 2020: 10 Viral Foods The Internet Was Obsessed With In 2020

World Food Day 2020: Let’s celebrate the day with best of the viral foods from this year.


  • 2020 was a lot about viral foods that got the internet talking
  • Bizarre food trends and cooking experiments took over internet by storm
  • From Dalgona to banana bread, let’s look at 10 of the best food trends

World Food Day 2020: Cooking is therapeutic we’ve all heard, but perhaps 2020 has been the year when almost all of us tried to experience it while being at home! With the lockdown in place, we had little or nowhere to go outside and we turned towards the kitchen for all our cravings and more often to simply experiment. And what led to these experiments were a series of food trends that went viral and took the Internet by storm! Some were cooking experiments while others went viral for many interesting reasons. With World Food Day today, let’s have a look at the viral foods the internet was obsessed with this year!

From the frothy Dalgona to the humble chai in headlines, we’ve got it all and more: Here Are 10 Viral Foods Of 2020:

1. Dalgona Coffee

This Korean trend got even the sharpest food critiques whipping a cup of their own! As soon as the satisfying videos and pictures of Dalgona coffee started to float the internet, it just seemed like everyone had a new task. All it had was feather-light whipped coffee floating atop the glass of milk. While many netizens argued that it wasn’t anything novel, the beautiful pictures surely left many amused. Did you try one too?

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

2. Banana Bread

Simple, quick and extremely delicious are the reasons why banana bread went on to become extremely popular! The sweet, crumbly texture of banana bread definitely created a lot of frenzy across both amateur cooks as well as home chefs. Full of nuts and mashed bananas, this one not only satiated the sweet cravings but also reused leftover bananas the right way!

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

3. Maggi Omelette

The name itself got a lot of Maggi fans together to try this viral trend! Bringing two of our comfort meals (Maggi and omelette) together, the recipe video of Maggi omelette hit the right chord with many home chefs.

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

4. Chocolate Samosa Pav

Ask a chocolate lover ways to eat one and you’ll have a thousand ways at your disposal. Perhaps, chocolate samosa pav was yet another way for a chocolate lover to satiate its cravings! Yet, many just don’t agree. A chocolate-filled samosa was sandwiched between two chocolate-laden pav buns and topped off with melted cheese and some more chocolate sauce, the recipe of this chocolate samosa pav went viral and divided the internet with opinions on this unique creation! What do you think?

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

5. Chai Latte

Stirring controversy online, a renowned publication recently shared a recipe of what they called ‘chai latte’ and included whole spices like Star Anise, Cinnamon and also used coconut milk and maple syrup! Chai lovers from across the world united to show their dissent with many pointing out that the recipe had as many spices as biryani!

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

6. Cloud Bread

Trust the internet to come up with bizarre trends and you won’t be disappointed! With its fluffy, colourful and aesthetically pleasing texture, cloud bread took over the internet recently. It is made with just three simple ingredients – egg whites, corn starch and white sugar which is whisked till white peaks form before it is baked.

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

7. Pancake Cereal

Getting two of the most popular breakfasts together, pancake cereal is technically versions of pancakes, which have been piled up in a bowl and can be paired with any topping of your choice. With more than 10 million views on social media, the hashtag pancake cereal got many people to come up with their own versions too!

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

8. Dessert Burger

One doesn’t even need to know the basics of cooking to try this one out in the kitchen! Two burger buns filled with deliciously sweet insides such as chocolate sauce, ice cream and even whole cookies, the trend of dessert burger got everyone talking, especially amid the lockdown when one couldn’t get their sugar cravings satiated from their favourite restaurants.

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

9. Frog Bread

Cooking up a storm on the internet after banana bread, the trend of frog bread quickly got everyone’s attention on social media with many people attempting to bake their bread in the shape of a frog.

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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

10. Biryani

Biryani went on to become the most ordered food during the lockdown as per the ‘StatEATistics report: The Quarantine Edition’ from food delivery platform Swiggy. This was the highest number for any dish ordered from the food delivery application. Thus, Biryani occupied the top spot for overall orders in lockdown. The love for biryani doesn’t seem to end since this was its fourth year in a row to top the list!


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World Food Day 2020: Viral foods of 2020

Did you try any of these trends at home? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy World Food Day 2020!

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