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Write To Us, Says Delhi Government On Debate Over Free Metro For Women

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Women have the option to travel for free or pay for a ticket on metro or buses in Delhi.

New Delhi: 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s announcement that all women in the capital city will soon be allowed to take buses, ride the metro free of cost has triggered a huge debate on Twitter. The Delhi government has reached out to citizens for direct feedback on the subject.

“Public transport is considered the safest for women and keeping that in mind, the government had decided that all buses and the metro will be made free for women,” Mr Kejriwal had said adding that the move will be launched in three months.

What followed the announcement was an intense debate on social media. Word on the ongoing discourse soon got to the Dialogue and Development Commission or DDC, an advisory body to the Delhi government.

“Great to see a real debate on a real issue affecting the safety and mobility of women in this country. On behalf of Delhi govt, @DDC_Delhi is collating all comments/suggestions for effective implementation of this policy. Write to us at delhiwomensafety@gmail.com #DelhiMetro,” the vice chairperson of the DDC Jasmine Shah tweeted.

The chief minister, while making the announcement, said the Delhi government would bear the cost of free rides for women on the metro and public buses. However, those willing to buy tickets are free to do so, they need not take the subsidy. Several women can afford these modes of transport. Those who can afford it, can buy tickets and forgo subsidy so others could benefit, Mr Kejriwal had clarified.

While some users, both men and women, questioned the intentions behind the announcement, the move was welcomed by many others.

The move was criticised by many who called for better security instead of free rides.

While the Delhi government said the move is an attempt to make Delhi safer for women, it was dismissed by BJP as an election strategy ahead of state polls next year.

Delhi recorded the highest rate of crimes against women in India, according to the most recent federal crime records data released in 2017.


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